Saturday, March 7, 2009

Elf Studio Line [pic heavy]

EDIT: i made a video where i review the items, its rubish though -_- i suck at editing and i made it suuuuper long so its all cut up, i'll post it on here once its done uploading on my youtube

I got my package, it came quicker than i expected.
I purchased:
--10pc. Brush Set
--eyliner & shadow stick [brown/basic]
--eyeliner & shadow stick [black/smoke]
--eybrow treat & tame [dark/clear]
--eyebrow kit [dark/dark]
--eybrow lifter & filler [ivory/dark]
--eye primer & liner sealer [natural/clear]
--translucent matifying powder [translucent]
--concealer pencil & brush [medium]
--contouring blush & bronzing powder [blushed/bronzed]

I think i spent a little over $30, which wasnt too bad, i got it 50% off b/c they studio line was on sale. I didnt get one of the concealers and the lip stuff, which i'll probably get on my next order, they're cheap so i dont mind giving them a try. I will probably use 50% of this stuff, i like it all, dont LOVE it but they are good 'starters' for me. I usually use a WnW eye liner/brow pencil for my brows, i used to use the 'coffee' ELF pencil i got for free w/ some shadows but i tried the WnW and liked it a little better but i think i'll start using the brow filler and lifter, and i'll definately use the brushes i stated in the video again. The other stuff is good stuff to have around, extras and what not.... I didnt really do much to my face today [lol] but i'm gonna test out the primer again b/c i just used one eyeshadow over so i'll see how it blends w/ more colors later.

[box and bags that were in it lol]

[primer, treat and tame brow duo, shadow duo blk shadow duo bronze]

[swatch of the primer]

[another pic of the primer]

from top to bottom: [brow filler in ivory, concealer pencil duo in medium, mac concealer to compaer]

[nars blush in deep throat and nars bronzer in laguna compared to elf blush and bronzer duo]

[brow filler and concealer brush at the end of the concealer pencil duo]

[10 brushes]

[brow gel and powder and translucent powder]


  1. nice haul! how do the nars blushes compare with the elf duo? I have the primer/liner too.. it's decent for the amount paid.

  2. You got tons! I haven't tried their studio line yet.

  3. nice haul. i havent tried anything from the studio line because elf products really dont do much for me. hows the blush duo & brow powder working out for you?

  4. Ok...because its cheap, i feel like its not good quality...what are the best products from elf??? Is it worth trying?

  5. Jenn- i feel like laguna might be for lighter skin tone than mine , i BARELY used it so i'm trying to makes sure and play with it w/ diff brushes, but i honestly like the color of the elf duo more, i guess b/c it shows on my face 'deeper'

    Phoebee- the powder is kinda pointless to mee, the gel doesnt do much so the powder just sits there, i did put my femme couture brow wax thing lmao over it and that was ok
    and the blush and bronzer , its a little too powdery, like i have to be sure not to be too rought w/ my brush when i swipe it b/c alot comes off, but its good for the money paid

    Vanessa- It is cheap, some of the products arent worth buying but b/c they are cheap its good stuff to experiment with, i really like their eyeshadow brushes, cream shadows, some of their shadows, their lipglosses [the ones that look like stila LG], the blush bronzer duos [i dont really like their reg blush and bronzers], maybe the synthetic shadow brushes [from the studio line] would be good to play with pigments
    everything else could be used for starters or just for ppl who want to play w/ makeup b/c its not bad either just may be something you may not reach for all the time but again, its cheap so i like trying atleast one shade from each of the products i'm interested in to try out , if that makes sence

    WOw i wrote alot right there.. lol

    thanks for reading girls and sorry for taking a while to respond