Thursday, October 15, 2009

FOTN with jesse's girl

hello i was playing with some makeup and got this i like marlena's look she did with the 88 neutral palette but i dont have that so used other shadows
some of the names werent posted i will have them posted

products used
elf primer
nyx jumbo pencil in milk
Jesse's Girl eye dust in superpearl pink
nyx shadow in eutopia
nyx shadow
wet n wild trio will post name i used the middle dark brown color
maybeline lipstick
Jesse's Girl liquid glass in coy
Jesse's Girl eye dust in superpearl pink over lip gloss
revlon foundation
jane mineral blush
brow wax
lycra mascara
maybelline concealer

Saturday, October 10, 2009


so i didnt exactly continue to post like i said i would, errr, but i am here now, not much is new except my 3 yr relationship ended boo, oh well....
i have been very active on MUA and MUG though loooooooooooove it lol well not on posts but i love reading and seeing peoples FOTD's still havent had the guts to post something lol i bought a 120 palette too bad it came all broken i want an 88 shimmer though i need to see if the seller is going to do anything about my 120 though i doubt it, they posted on there page to message them if it comes broken and i did yesterday but i havent gotten a respond. well i hope all is well with everyone =] happy face guys ;p