Monday, November 30, 2009

FOTD with a gorgeous brown

havent really updated i decided to post this FOTD im loving the bejeweled quads from jesse's girl as well as the lip gloss and now i want to try the brown mineral shadow lol

Jesse's Girl Liquid crystal - Tangerine

urban decay primer potion
Jesse's Girl Bejeweled - #2
creamy light color for lid
brown for crease
green to define the crease
Jesse's Girl Bejeweled - #3
white for highlight
rimmel lycra mascara
urban decay zero eyeliner

revlon colorstay
maybelline mineral power concealer

Jesse's Girl Color My World E/S - Volcanic

Thursday, October 15, 2009

FOTN with jesse's girl

hello i was playing with some makeup and got this i like marlena's look she did with the 88 neutral palette but i dont have that so used other shadows
some of the names werent posted i will have them posted

products used
elf primer
nyx jumbo pencil in milk
Jesse's Girl eye dust in superpearl pink
nyx shadow in eutopia
nyx shadow
wet n wild trio will post name i used the middle dark brown color
maybeline lipstick
Jesse's Girl liquid glass in coy
Jesse's Girl eye dust in superpearl pink over lip gloss
revlon foundation
jane mineral blush
brow wax
lycra mascara
maybelline concealer

Saturday, October 10, 2009


so i didnt exactly continue to post like i said i would, errr, but i am here now, not much is new except my 3 yr relationship ended boo, oh well....
i have been very active on MUA and MUG though loooooooooooove it lol well not on posts but i love reading and seeing peoples FOTD's still havent had the guts to post something lol i bought a 120 palette too bad it came all broken i want an 88 shimmer though i need to see if the seller is going to do anything about my 120 though i doubt it, they posted on there page to message them if it comes broken and i did yesterday but i havent gotten a respond. well i hope all is well with everyone =] happy face guys ;p


Friday, May 8, 2009


i got tagged! by my-my yay, its a couple weeks late but i was on a blog-vacation lol, not that i posted much on here but i'm always on checking other ppls blogs haaha, but i hope i can post alot of blogs soon =D

what is your current obsession?
MAKEUPALLEY, that is the only thing i would check during the weeks where i wasnt getting on much, well that and my ebay:D

what is your weirdest obsessions?
hmmm... ppl say makeup is my "Weird obsession" haa thats just b/c they dont know about this beauty world on here lol but i dont think thats it, idk .....

what are you wearing today?
i'm still in my night clothes lol, i need to change and do my m/u already :D [i've been walking around the house w/ only foundation on lol]

what's your favorite comfort food?
cheeddar cheese popcorn and boba tea

what would make today special?
mmm. . . . . . . today is my bros bday party so thats special?

what would you like to learn to do?
learn to speak another language :D

what's the last thing you bought?
elf stuff: ) a local store just restocked, they never have good stuff and finally they have stuff! lol i dont like ordering from elfs online store very much, i'm actually waiting on a order. haha

what is your favorite weather?
i love it when its windy out :)

what do you think about the person who tagged you?
seems really calm-cool-and collected:] and sweet =]

if you could swap lives w/ anyone for one day who would it be & why?
an actress, while shooting a movie, probably Rose "something" eek drew blanks, while shooting Planet Terror, i'd just like to know what thats like lol.

if you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
WELLLLL , it'd say mexico but in the next hour Italy

which language do you want to learn?

what do you look for in a friend?
humor, and someone who is laid back

who do you want to meet in person?
JAMES FRANCO!!!!!!!!! and Quentin Tarantino :)

if you had $100 now what would you spend it on?
i'd probably save it , i haven't seen anything i really wanna buy.

who is your favorite designer?
Marc Jacobs

do you admire anyone's style?
umm no

describe your personal style:

what are your favorite ice cream flavors?
the only type of ice cream i can eat is sherbert, LOVES it, anyother flavors taste like milk to me haha

what is your favorite makeup brand?
mm i have many, mac, nyx, loreal hip, and nars are the top ones

what makeup do you use a lot?
i use my CS palettes alot and mac shadows

why did you start your (beauty) blog?
watching ppls youtube videos, after that i wanted to start "following" their blogs and i decided to do some 'daily posts'

Thank you for tagging me :]
i tag anyone who is reading and hasnt done this yet : )

Monday, March 23, 2009


sorry that i had to post so many pics, it was the only way to capture the colors well since its
already getting dark here i couldnt do it better light >_<

[top l-r: Sunset, Skin, Apricot Moose,
bottom l-r: Wild Flower, Pink Oleander]

[top l-r: Platinum Silver, Grey, Alaska,
borrom l-r: Navy, Shimmer]

[top: Cream cheese
bottom l-r: Egg White, Snow Cone]

[top l-r: Velvet Blue, October Sky, Aqua,
bottom l-r: Ocean Frost, Halaiwa]

[top l-r: Red Bean, Space, Ballerina,
bottom l-r: Olive Green, Khaki]

[top l-r: Algae, Jade, Aqua Marine,
bottom l-r: Marrakesh, Sweet Lagoon]

[top l-r: Karet, Salmon, Peach,
bottom l-r: Walnut Bronze, Jazzy Bronze]

[top l-r: Mink Brown, Mediterranean, Dust,
bottom l-r: Chocolate, Slate]

[top l-r: Toffee, Beanie, Earthy,
bottom l-r: Cedar Wood, Eutopia]

I ordered the set of the 43 shadows for $43 from the nyx site, i'm SOOO glad i saw Rai's blog when i did, i saw it then i finally decided to order them like a couple of days later, i ordered them on monday and got my stuff today, so 1 week, they didnt send until friday i think so that was pretty quick, i guess it was the processing that took long, either ways i love the shadows!! They packaged everything really well so that was a huge plus, they bubble wrapped each shadow =D
I was also thinking of getting the lippies but then i saw that there were only 3-4 that i truly wanted and like 3 that i'd be willing to try and i didnt wanna just "waste" the others that i was gonna use lol >< i'll just order them online later........

I also ordered more TKB =D I got jars b/c i was running low and more micas. I will be putting pics up soon :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Elf Studio Line [pic heavy]

EDIT: i made a video where i review the items, its rubish though -_- i suck at editing and i made it suuuuper long so its all cut up, i'll post it on here once its done uploading on my youtube

I got my package, it came quicker than i expected.
I purchased:
--10pc. Brush Set
--eyliner & shadow stick [brown/basic]
--eyeliner & shadow stick [black/smoke]
--eybrow treat & tame [dark/clear]
--eyebrow kit [dark/dark]
--eybrow lifter & filler [ivory/dark]
--eye primer & liner sealer [natural/clear]
--translucent matifying powder [translucent]
--concealer pencil & brush [medium]
--contouring blush & bronzing powder [blushed/bronzed]

I think i spent a little over $30, which wasnt too bad, i got it 50% off b/c they studio line was on sale. I didnt get one of the concealers and the lip stuff, which i'll probably get on my next order, they're cheap so i dont mind giving them a try. I will probably use 50% of this stuff, i like it all, dont LOVE it but they are good 'starters' for me. I usually use a WnW eye liner/brow pencil for my brows, i used to use the 'coffee' ELF pencil i got for free w/ some shadows but i tried the WnW and liked it a little better but i think i'll start using the brow filler and lifter, and i'll definately use the brushes i stated in the video again. The other stuff is good stuff to have around, extras and what not.... I didnt really do much to my face today [lol] but i'm gonna test out the primer again b/c i just used one eyeshadow over so i'll see how it blends w/ more colors later.

[box and bags that were in it lol]

[primer, treat and tame brow duo, shadow duo blk shadow duo bronze]

[swatch of the primer]

[another pic of the primer]

from top to bottom: [brow filler in ivory, concealer pencil duo in medium, mac concealer to compaer]

[nars blush in deep throat and nars bronzer in laguna compared to elf blush and bronzer duo]

[brow filler and concealer brush at the end of the concealer pencil duo]

[10 brushes]

[brow gel and powder and translucent powder]

Monday, March 2, 2009

hair question

i have black hair, like DEEEEEEEEEEEP black, i have to bleach it then use the color i want if i want it to come out right, anywho, does anyone know what good hair dye is , i want to dye my hair red, like xsparkage lol, something like it, but i dont know what brand to use, i use L'oreal, its for dark hair only, but even with that it came out dark, and not 'bold' like i want it, i dont want to bleach it then dye it so i'm trying to see if there is any hair dye will work without bleaching.
sorry if confuse some of y'all.

ps.. i got some mac brushes [first time, their AWESOME! lol]
AND, elf studio line is half off~~ so ordered some stuff, i forgot to order the concealers and lip stuff , but i need to check on makeupalley and yt if their worth buying.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


i got this survey from Rai's blog

1. are you left handed or right handed? right.

2. whats your middle name? i dont have one =/

3. how many piercings do you have? 2 [my ears lol]

4. tattoos? no, i want like ten though lmao i just dont know where O_0

5. do you read your horoscope? no.

6. do you believe in that stuff? not really.

7. can you do a cartwheel? no =[

8. do you have bangs? YES! :] i've had them for like years now but i let them grow out this past year and like a week ago i decided to cut them myself when i saw a vid on youtube on how to lmao. they came out allright the first try, the second try i loved them and i cut a little bit more and now i'm just not loving them how i was at first lol.

10. can you drive? no.

11. what do you drive? nothing lol but i was a scion lmao

12. Do you drool in your sleep? yes= /

13. do you lick your envelopes or use a sponge? i tape envelopes closed lol.

14. do you keep a journal? no.

15. what languages do you know? english and spanish :)

16. do you like onions? no thanks.

17. do you like cotton candy? yes i do : )

18. what's your bedtime? lol i try to be in bed early.

19. how many pillows do you have? 4 on my bed.

20. do you like to dance? ehh kinda, being that i am mexican when we party my mom and my cousin are always dancing around like drunk fools to cumbias, duranguense and regaetton [ilove those fools though;] and they try to get me to dance with them so we end up dancing all night lol with whoever is at the parlay.

21. do you like to sing? yes but i shouldnt lol.

22. do you like to talk on the phone? nah, i prefer to text or email or write letters: )

23. how many times have you moved houses? none.

24. do you believe in ghosts? i'll leave this subject alone...

25. is your room messy? yeah ,i need to clean up in here.

26. whats your favorite outfit? Graphic tee & jeans, or a v-neck or loose fit shirt with jeans and some vans or something.

27. are you a morning person? not really.

28. what do you put on hot dogs and hamburgers?
HD- ketchup, mayo, and hot sauce lol.
HB- lettuce, 1 tomato, ketchup, pickles, sometimes mayo and cheese, sometimes i just take pickles and cheese on a burger lol.

29. do you sleep with socks on? only when i'm sick lol.

30. are you ticklish? yes.

31. are you shy? verrry , but once i'm comfortable with you ,i dont get "LOUD" but i get pretty "goofy"

32. whats your favorite feature (on yourself)? my nails maybe ? maybe my eyes..... lmao

33. what will you name your daughter? Rocsanne maybe... or Linh.

34. son? james or marc. i like ro-mehh-oh [lol trying to write it how i would say it in spanish but i dont like ro-meee-oh [in english lol]

35. where's the farthest place you ever traveled? guadalajara, mexico.

I would love to see others do this, and learn more about you, lol i love reading tags and surveys, they're pretty informative and sometimes random.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! :)

I'm sitting here eating a box of chocolates, which is what i'm sure you're doing too ;]

I'm thinking of doing some valentines day shopping lol, i really need some new 10g jars so i'll probably order those and put an order in the jesse's girl website, i love their stuff =D
Well i'll make this short, i hope you guys have a great time with your loved ones, or yourself :)
I'll be home tonight with the fam, i'll probably wash my new art-makeup brushes lol and watch a movie :)
Have a good one!

[ i was trying to show off my fimo-made heart ring, but as you can see you cant really see it lol]

Friday, February 13, 2009

Loteria #1

Ok so i sent this from my cousins G1 phone to my blog on the 13th, and it just got to my blog like 2 days ago maybe, i dont know why her phone always takes days to send emails. is it the phone or well i dont think its the company [tmobile] b/c i send some pics of my nephew to my blog [i was going to introduce y'all to him but then i was like ehh not now lol so i deleted them] and they got here like in 2 min.

Anyways we played loteria, the latinos "bingo," we try to play every weekend, it used to be my brother who played, my brothers baby momma, my cousin, my uncle and my parents and sometimes my brothers godson and i recently started playing, i would just be in my room watching my other cousins and nephews but i played once now i'm addicted lol, we used to play this when i was a child ALOT but stopped and recently started when my brother got together with his girlfriend [how she got to know us better lol.] Anywho, i think i actually came out winning that time, i usually loose maybe a dollar or 2 or come out even or win like a quarter lol.

Well i just wanted to show yous [lol no i aint from jersey;] how my family and i spend time together.

ohh i put the #1 next to the title b/c i might put up more blogs, introducing y'all to the players and maybe even a vid of some of it, i'll try to make it interesting lol.


I went to JoAnn's craft store today and bought 3 storage containers,i got a'deluxe organizer' it was $1.79, has 20 slots, i'm using it to store my rings, they have smaller ones, i might get another to store earrings.

I also purchased a stacking drawer, it was $5.99 i just remembered they have those at wal mart for $4, i own 2 already, i store my wallets in one and my Chi in the other, speaking of that i need to find a place to store my hair appliances in, i have one of those 3 barrel curly thing-ies lol, to crimp hair, oh how i loved that when my when my hair was long ! and like 4 straighning irons, 1 broken chi, 1 working chi, 1 revlon iron that i used for my bangs lol, and one no brand iron. I plan on buying a 1inch Hot Tools curling iron, and a 3/4 inch Bed Head curling iron [does anyone know if its good for thick hair?]

WOW i totally went out of subject there lol, i was writing about organizers i bought, anywho i got Snapware "snap 'N stack" organizer which was $9.99, i use it for my lip prouducts since my small 3-drawer organizer was full and i needed to my 7 new lippies somewhere.

The grand total was $18.58, oh yeah iris & Sterilite products are 40% off, they have that 6 drawer organizer that youtube-er "Fafinettex3" has/had and with the discount its around $19-25 not sure , there were 2 diff. kinds.

Time for pics :

[how do i rotate pics? it was fine on my computer but when i uploaded the picture it went sideways]

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Skin/Face help? LOL

I'm pretty irritated with my skincare and foundation routine, i havent found my perfect foundation, if there is one for me and i haven't found something that that doesnt irritate my skin [mouisturizer and cleanser]
I LOVE the EDM coverage but it irritates my skin =/ which sucks b/c i got the big jars and the samples and i opened both lol. but i'll probably post them on MUA, i'm trying to get on that now that i SEE that i have too much stuff that i DON'T use lol.
I also love the staying power of Maybelline's Mineral Power foundation but that irritates my skin too, should i just stop trying to use mireal foundation?? The next thing i want to try is the revlon foundation that everyone loves and MUFE [should i get the liquid one or the duo matt powder one]
I'm also planning on get the Silk Naturals foundation, i really want to find a good mineral foundation for me.
Any suggestions for cleansers and mouisturizers for combination skin?
[i have a dry forehead and dry cheek bones and a very oily nose]

Friday, February 6, 2009

I got mail

YAY! i got 2 of the things i've REALLY been wanting...
ok so i ordered from TKB trading before, but only the POP sampler and i think 3 other samplers b/c i thought it was cheap 3-5 colors for like $4-6 each. This time i ordered singles and I LOVEEE them, i love minerals/micas/loose powders... and i love cheap stuff so I LOVE TKB lol.

I also ordered from my pretty pink box, i wanted to order in December when they had NYX and Jesse's girl but my dumb self woke up at 9am [central] so it was barely 7 over there so i had to wait 2 hours, by the time i remembered i was in the middle of folding laundry so i waited till like 9:30 to place my order but by then they sold out=/ wtf.. but yeah they sold out in 2o min i think
so i decided to order a box this month, i didnt really think i was going to like anything ... and i was right, i was about to order a sampler but i was like what the hey i rather get more stuff lol. Oh well from now on i'll only order a box when i like atleast 2 brands that are in the batch.


Ok so i am finally BLOGGING lol =]
i've been wanting to do this but i keep putting it off, but today i got
up and i said "i think i'll blog today..."

i am Yuri,
i love Music, Movies and Makeup
and shopping, lets just say i am a girl... LMAO.
I hope to post atleast twice a week. I dont wanna bore though.