Monday, March 23, 2009


sorry that i had to post so many pics, it was the only way to capture the colors well since its
already getting dark here i couldnt do it better light >_<

[top l-r: Sunset, Skin, Apricot Moose,
bottom l-r: Wild Flower, Pink Oleander]

[top l-r: Platinum Silver, Grey, Alaska,
borrom l-r: Navy, Shimmer]

[top: Cream cheese
bottom l-r: Egg White, Snow Cone]

[top l-r: Velvet Blue, October Sky, Aqua,
bottom l-r: Ocean Frost, Halaiwa]

[top l-r: Red Bean, Space, Ballerina,
bottom l-r: Olive Green, Khaki]

[top l-r: Algae, Jade, Aqua Marine,
bottom l-r: Marrakesh, Sweet Lagoon]

[top l-r: Karet, Salmon, Peach,
bottom l-r: Walnut Bronze, Jazzy Bronze]

[top l-r: Mink Brown, Mediterranean, Dust,
bottom l-r: Chocolate, Slate]

[top l-r: Toffee, Beanie, Earthy,
bottom l-r: Cedar Wood, Eutopia]

I ordered the set of the 43 shadows for $43 from the nyx site, i'm SOOO glad i saw Rai's blog when i did, i saw it then i finally decided to order them like a couple of days later, i ordered them on monday and got my stuff today, so 1 week, they didnt send until friday i think so that was pretty quick, i guess it was the processing that took long, either ways i love the shadows!! They packaged everything really well so that was a huge plus, they bubble wrapped each shadow =D
I was also thinking of getting the lippies but then i saw that there were only 3-4 that i truly wanted and like 3 that i'd be willing to try and i didnt wanna just "waste" the others that i was gonna use lol >< i'll just order them online later........

I also ordered more TKB =D I got jars b/c i was running low and more micas. I will be putting pics up soon :)


  1. YAY! I want to see all the eyeshadows!!
    I thought about ordering from TKB.
    I'm in desperate need for some jars. =[

  2. Rai;
    I love them, i really tought that most of the colors were kinda plain when i saw them online but mann they're gorgeous in person! i'll be putting up a pic of them tomorrow.

    I really like their tall jars,
    mmmmm big lots has jars idk if you've seen them at your biglots , its for travel comes with like 4 small jars [perfect for the LA Colors loose shadows, THANKS for posting the blog were you mentioned how you can take them out of the reg container] and 2 or 3 med. sized ones [i store my jane foundation in one :D] and like the little bottles for liquids.
    i think it was $2 for all of them.

  3. Everytime I find jars they are WAY TOO big.
    Never found any in my Big Lots or Dollar General or anything... it sucks. lol

    I may just have to order some online afterall.

    You're welcome. =]

  4. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy!

  5. YURI! Surprise! I tagged you! :) Come check it out. muah!

  6. hey Yuri! Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you! :) Have fun!

  7. thanks =] i need to get on here and updaaaaate ! =D