Monday, March 2, 2009

hair question

i have black hair, like DEEEEEEEEEEEP black, i have to bleach it then use the color i want if i want it to come out right, anywho, does anyone know what good hair dye is , i want to dye my hair red, like xsparkage lol, something like it, but i dont know what brand to use, i use L'oreal, its for dark hair only, but even with that it came out dark, and not 'bold' like i want it, i dont want to bleach it then dye it so i'm trying to see if there is any hair dye will work without bleaching.
sorry if confuse some of y'all.

ps.. i got some mac brushes [first time, their AWESOME! lol]
AND, elf studio line is half off~~ so ordered some stuff, i forgot to order the concealers and lip stuff , but i need to check on makeupalley and yt if their worth buying.


  1. Hey sweetie, just wanted to let you know that I did a review on a couple Cetaphil products for your curiosity. :)

  2. Garnier Fructis?
    I only used a permanent dye once, my hair was too dark. lol
    I mostly used semi-permanent. =/

    I will never own a MAC brush unless someone gives it to me. lol

  3. i've always wondered about the elf studio line, but couldn't fine enough reviews about it

    i hope u do a review on it when it arrives =)

  4. rai- thanks i'll look that up lol , i've been researching ppls recomendations on makeupalley lol.

    giling-i will , once i get them, i'm super excited, sephorajunkie [on youtube] has a wonderful review/comparison between some of the studio line products and nars products.

  5. Hey Yuri hun...they came out to $7.70 each with the pro discount but I think they are around $11 each normally babe;) Hope that helps!