Thursday, February 19, 2009


i got this survey from Rai's blog

1. are you left handed or right handed? right.

2. whats your middle name? i dont have one =/

3. how many piercings do you have? 2 [my ears lol]

4. tattoos? no, i want like ten though lmao i just dont know where O_0

5. do you read your horoscope? no.

6. do you believe in that stuff? not really.

7. can you do a cartwheel? no =[

8. do you have bangs? YES! :] i've had them for like years now but i let them grow out this past year and like a week ago i decided to cut them myself when i saw a vid on youtube on how to lmao. they came out allright the first try, the second try i loved them and i cut a little bit more and now i'm just not loving them how i was at first lol.

10. can you drive? no.

11. what do you drive? nothing lol but i was a scion lmao

12. Do you drool in your sleep? yes= /

13. do you lick your envelopes or use a sponge? i tape envelopes closed lol.

14. do you keep a journal? no.

15. what languages do you know? english and spanish :)

16. do you like onions? no thanks.

17. do you like cotton candy? yes i do : )

18. what's your bedtime? lol i try to be in bed early.

19. how many pillows do you have? 4 on my bed.

20. do you like to dance? ehh kinda, being that i am mexican when we party my mom and my cousin are always dancing around like drunk fools to cumbias, duranguense and regaetton [ilove those fools though;] and they try to get me to dance with them so we end up dancing all night lol with whoever is at the parlay.

21. do you like to sing? yes but i shouldnt lol.

22. do you like to talk on the phone? nah, i prefer to text or email or write letters: )

23. how many times have you moved houses? none.

24. do you believe in ghosts? i'll leave this subject alone...

25. is your room messy? yeah ,i need to clean up in here.

26. whats your favorite outfit? Graphic tee & jeans, or a v-neck or loose fit shirt with jeans and some vans or something.

27. are you a morning person? not really.

28. what do you put on hot dogs and hamburgers?
HD- ketchup, mayo, and hot sauce lol.
HB- lettuce, 1 tomato, ketchup, pickles, sometimes mayo and cheese, sometimes i just take pickles and cheese on a burger lol.

29. do you sleep with socks on? only when i'm sick lol.

30. are you ticklish? yes.

31. are you shy? verrry , but once i'm comfortable with you ,i dont get "LOUD" but i get pretty "goofy"

32. whats your favorite feature (on yourself)? my nails maybe ? maybe my eyes..... lmao

33. what will you name your daughter? Rocsanne maybe... or Linh.

34. son? james or marc. i like ro-mehh-oh [lol trying to write it how i would say it in spanish but i dont like ro-meee-oh [in english lol]

35. where's the farthest place you ever traveled? guadalajara, mexico.

I would love to see others do this, and learn more about you, lol i love reading tags and surveys, they're pretty informative and sometimes random.


  1. This is one survey I'm willing to do right now. lol. thanks!

  2. yay! i'll be sure to check it out once its done lol.

  3. lmao. YOU WANT 10 TATTOOS?!
    lol @ #20.

    I would never had thought to put hot sauce on a hotdog.

    I love reading theses. :]

  4. rai- my boy loves hot sauce and he always does so i one day i was like i guess i'll try it too lol

    and something close to 10 lol

    i love surveys :D