Friday, February 6, 2009

I got mail

YAY! i got 2 of the things i've REALLY been wanting...
ok so i ordered from TKB trading before, but only the POP sampler and i think 3 other samplers b/c i thought it was cheap 3-5 colors for like $4-6 each. This time i ordered singles and I LOVEEE them, i love minerals/micas/loose powders... and i love cheap stuff so I LOVE TKB lol.

I also ordered from my pretty pink box, i wanted to order in December when they had NYX and Jesse's girl but my dumb self woke up at 9am [central] so it was barely 7 over there so i had to wait 2 hours, by the time i remembered i was in the middle of folding laundry so i waited till like 9:30 to place my order but by then they sold out=/ wtf.. but yeah they sold out in 2o min i think
so i decided to order a box this month, i didnt really think i was going to like anything ... and i was right, i was about to order a sampler but i was like what the hey i rather get more stuff lol. Oh well from now on i'll only order a box when i like atleast 2 brands that are in the batch.


  1. Lucky girl! :) I love MPBB too but I woke up too late this time. Thanks for sharing pics of all of your goodies. I love eye candy! :P

  2. =] the only thing from this batch i liked was the adorned with grace minerals samples, which was 2 sample blushes, 1 sample shadow and one full size eyeshadow

    thanks for stopping by :)

  3. I liked all the stuff I got. :]
    Especially my Katie B eyeshadow.

  4. Well now that i tried some of the stuff in it i'm glad i bought it, i really love the adorned with grace products,
    i will keep buying the boxes, well if i remember early enough:)