Friday, February 13, 2009


I went to JoAnn's craft store today and bought 3 storage containers,i got a'deluxe organizer' it was $1.79, has 20 slots, i'm using it to store my rings, they have smaller ones, i might get another to store earrings.

I also purchased a stacking drawer, it was $5.99 i just remembered they have those at wal mart for $4, i own 2 already, i store my wallets in one and my Chi in the other, speaking of that i need to find a place to store my hair appliances in, i have one of those 3 barrel curly thing-ies lol, to crimp hair, oh how i loved that when my when my hair was long ! and like 4 straighning irons, 1 broken chi, 1 working chi, 1 revlon iron that i used for my bangs lol, and one no brand iron. I plan on buying a 1inch Hot Tools curling iron, and a 3/4 inch Bed Head curling iron [does anyone know if its good for thick hair?]

WOW i totally went out of subject there lol, i was writing about organizers i bought, anywho i got Snapware "snap 'N stack" organizer which was $9.99, i use it for my lip prouducts since my small 3-drawer organizer was full and i needed to my 7 new lippies somewhere.

The grand total was $18.58, oh yeah iris & Sterilite products are 40% off, they have that 6 drawer organizer that youtube-er "Fafinettex3" has/had and with the discount its around $19-25 not sure , there were 2 diff. kinds.

Time for pics :

[how do i rotate pics? it was fine on my computer but when i uploaded the picture it went sideways]


  1. I bought a 5 drawer cart by Sterlite.
    It was $15 at Target. :]

  2. i got that too!! =] well mine was 18 though =/ i love it :D