Friday, February 13, 2009

Loteria #1

Ok so i sent this from my cousins G1 phone to my blog on the 13th, and it just got to my blog like 2 days ago maybe, i dont know why her phone always takes days to send emails. is it the phone or well i dont think its the company [tmobile] b/c i send some pics of my nephew to my blog [i was going to introduce y'all to him but then i was like ehh not now lol so i deleted them] and they got here like in 2 min.

Anyways we played loteria, the latinos "bingo," we try to play every weekend, it used to be my brother who played, my brothers baby momma, my cousin, my uncle and my parents and sometimes my brothers godson and i recently started playing, i would just be in my room watching my other cousins and nephews but i played once now i'm addicted lol, we used to play this when i was a child ALOT but stopped and recently started when my brother got together with his girlfriend [how she got to know us better lol.] Anywho, i think i actually came out winning that time, i usually loose maybe a dollar or 2 or come out even or win like a quarter lol.

Well i just wanted to show yous [lol no i aint from jersey;] how my family and i spend time together.

ohh i put the #1 next to the title b/c i might put up more blogs, introducing y'all to the players and maybe even a vid of some of it, i'll try to make it interesting lol.


  1. Blogging on the phone seems so complicated.
    If I'm away, I just check my new comments. lol

    When I was in school we used to play skittle bingo. SO MUCH FUN! Caaaaandy. =D

  2. rai- lol i dont like using the internet on phones but sometimes i just have to check it soo bad lol i feen ;)

    lol skittle bingo, we should do that , save my money for makeup lol

  3. I used to play that game in middle school! most of my friends were latino so they introduced me to it.