Thursday, February 12, 2009

Skin/Face help? LOL

I'm pretty irritated with my skincare and foundation routine, i havent found my perfect foundation, if there is one for me and i haven't found something that that doesnt irritate my skin [mouisturizer and cleanser]
I LOVE the EDM coverage but it irritates my skin =/ which sucks b/c i got the big jars and the samples and i opened both lol. but i'll probably post them on MUA, i'm trying to get on that now that i SEE that i have too much stuff that i DON'T use lol.
I also love the staying power of Maybelline's Mineral Power foundation but that irritates my skin too, should i just stop trying to use mireal foundation?? The next thing i want to try is the revlon foundation that everyone loves and MUFE [should i get the liquid one or the duo matt powder one]
I'm also planning on get the Silk Naturals foundation, i really want to find a good mineral foundation for me.
Any suggestions for cleansers and mouisturizers for combination skin?
[i have a dry forehead and dry cheek bones and a very oily nose]


  1. hi hun!

    try coverfx its sold at sephora.
    its waterbased, so it will hydrate your skin!

  2. thanks jenn
    i will try, do you know if their cream foundation brush is a good one ?

  3. sorry it took me so long...cream would be very heavy!
    so go with the water based one <3

  4. is tricky. it sounds like maybe you have a reaction to something in mineral makeup. maybe bismuth oxide? that happened to me with bare minerals...there's a ulta brand called pureminerals as well as mineralized skinfinish natural by MAC. always does the trick for me. for liquid, i LOVE mary kay medium coverage foundation. its so light, doesn't cake, and even flawless coverage! i actually use mary kay moisturizer and combo with the foundation its awesome! check out my blog when you have the time!

  5. thank you, i have been wanting to try pureminerals for a while now but again , idk i just hate trying to find my shade lol so since i loved the colors i had w/ maybelline i just kept using it lol >_<
    thanks girls for your imput :)

  6. my skin is like yours; i think that if it is irritated you should stop all foundations because they open your pores more and more each day you use it, and your skin will be worst and worst; so the best solution is to try to put no makeup on it except on your eyes to let it breathing the more you can and try to kind a better skin; then sometimes you can use a cream that corrects imperfections and conceal your imperfections at the same time, there are a lot of good ones in drugstores; but i'm french so i don't know what kind of good creams have american people^^ with this kind of cream your face isn't oily at all and your imperfections are concealed and treated^^ this is the best compared to foundations